Moi Moon

Podcast Wednesday: How to be a Pregnant Butch

The Longest Shortest Time" Podcast A lot of my friends are getting pregnant and heres a new look at motherhood.  xo CC "In a world of unedited, unfocused, way-too-long podcasts on every subject, LST is pithy, emotional, well-hosted, and makes me care about something I knew nothing...

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Toast all the Rage

America’s most charming radio program recently had a wonderful coffee-forward segment by way of Third Wave Toast. When reporter John Gravois set out to cover San Francisco’s latest toast trend it lead him to the reluctant architect of the movement – Giulietta Carrelli. Carrelli owns Trouble Coffee...

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FKA Twigs

Indie Electronic

When I first was working with different producers in Electronic there was a very specific singing style they wanted. Some would say thats too country or rock. A lot of them ask for a straight head vocal melody or pop influenced. Its now 7 years...

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Podcast Wednesday: WTF Louis CK Ep

Marc Maron A failed comic gets in his garage and talks into a microphone. This man, talked into my head and 100,000 other peoples heads, for three years. In fact he is the reason I started podcasting 2 years ago on Model Actress Whatever. Podcasting is...

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Lemonade by Sophie

Lemonade by Sophie the song is my new obsession, I walk around saying Lemonade La la lemonade. Hopefully it will be on repeat, in your head too. LA fashion week. I know it's not as popular, I know it's not Nyc or Paris but let LA...

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Drinking Tea Reading the Paper Music

I am the music manager for Amuse Society . Whats that? A music manager, it means I put together special playlists for their store parties, that I can't DJ. I also manage their Spotify accountant. Making new playlist for each season based on their collections and...

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Friday’s Film: The Tales of Hoffmann

This film looks like an acid trip dream inspiration for sure. Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger (The Red Shoes, Stairway To Heaven) create a feverishly romantic, phantasmagoric marriage of cinema, ballet and opera in this one-of-a-kind film on a classic story.  A melancholy poet dreams of...

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