4 Essential oils from Vitruvi that rule and one diffuser one should not buy

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In yin yoga the class at yogaworks in hollywood. There is just a gong ringing, low lights, and candles. The poses are similar to how a cat stretches, with lots of props. My favorite part is the essential  oils distributed into our palms. Then we are told to put your cupped hands to your mouth and breath in.

The thought of having those essential oils, bedside got me excited. I received Vitruvi oils from their simple website. I went for citrus lemon and grapefruit. That are intended to be uplifting  and rejuvenating. There is the Ylang Ylang, which is a floral from Madagascar. That is a must have for sweet dreams. Eucalyptus oil, that just takes me directly to the Spa at the Standard Miami.

The oils are fabulous amazing!!! Bravo Vitruvi!!!

GO there


Then I went to Target and got Aura Cacia Usb diffuser. Ok here you can see there is a bottle you fill with the oil then a “wick.” That soaks all the oil. Plugged in, it uses a gentle fan that is suppose to diffuse the oil. It doesn’t really diffuse, I feel like it needs heat or mist. One must empty the whole bottle of oil, into the diffuser and no diffusing. So it takes all your oil and no results. I feel like if you put a tampon in the oil bottle and lightly blew on it that would be the same effect. Insert sad face emoji. Also what am I going to do with this plastic USB diffuser? I think Ill take it back. I need to get a diffuser for my essential oils any suggestions? Comments below recommendations?



Aura cacia diffuser and vitruvi essential oils

Aura Cacia diffuser