At the Chateau with C.C. Sheffield a Interview from Shop Journelle

When we decamped to L.A. for an evening of lingerie and cocktails at the Chateau Marmont, we naturally needed one of our favorite DJs to set the music mood. Enter C.C. Sheffield, a regular at the Chateau and fixture on the Los Angeles music scene. Not only does this gal rock, she’s smoking in our Hepburn PJ set (as pictured below). We heart her, her playlist, and her envious life of travel. Read about her adventures below.

C.C. lounging in our Hepburn PJ during An Evening with Journelle at Chateau Marmont.

Neighborhood: I’ve lived all over L.A. First in Echo Park; I arrived pre-gentrification back when I was in a rock band and hanging out in the backroom of Little Joy. In fact, my first DJ gig was playing records there. I also love—and have lived in—Los Feliz (Figaro Bistro is my go to) and Venice—bicycling on the beach to get coffee, anyone?

Favorite coffee spot: Rubies and Diamonds on Sunset and Gower has a rose-vanilla latte, that’s darling.

L.A. hidden Gem: Ok this is super inside info. The Wi Spa is a 24-hour spa in Koreatown and Pro tip: Plan to spend the day there because you cannot under any circumstance rush relaxation.

Describe your DJ style? I’ve been djing 10 years, so I’ve been through a lot of musical journeys. At first my style was very rock and oldies based. Then I wrote some EDM hits and began singing in bottle service clubs, djing for large crowds, getting flown all over….to Vegas, Atlantic City, NYC, Florida, Texas, Seattle, Oklahoma, Paris and San Fransisco.  I took off to Australia for a bit of a sabbatical and just moved back to L.A. I was recently vacationing in Ibiza and was exposed to some really interesting electronic music.
When not dj’ing you can be found where? I write and create a webseries called Take Meowt, on Citizine a travel platform. The series is about travel, food, and interesting people. I’ve shot in Kaula Lumpur during the hindu religious ceremony Thaipusam, from a sailboat in Croatia, and am heading to Mexico City next.

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