Journey Thursday: Packing Light

I like to pack light. In fact I lived in nyc for a year with 2 suitcases. I go stay in Melbourne for 6 weeks at a time with one suitcase. I adhere to the philosophy of the less you have the more space and time you have to do activities and experiences. Rather then tending to things or buying more things.CC Sheffield - Journey Thursday - Packing Light Body I think of Japanese design, the tatami mat in the traditional Japanese house where one takes out their mat at night. Which is the complete opposite of the Ralph Lauren catalogue bed that has 15 different pillows of all sizes. When one wants to go to bed it takes a half an hour to strip off the pillows before slipping into bed. When I have too many clothes or too much luggage for me to carry myself. I feel overwhelmed like am sorting through so many identities and the more choices the harder the decision to know what to wear. Less packed, theres less choice of what to wear. Getting ready simple and packing simple. Leaves more time to explore where ever I am in the world.