Podcast Wednesday: How to be a Pregnant Butch

A.K. Summers was adopted, and when she hit her mid-thirties she felt a fierce longing to be connected to someone biologically. But as a butch lesbian, she hadn’t ever imagined that motherhood was in the cards for her. In 2003 she took the plunge and got pregnant, all the while fearing that her tough masculine identity would be destroyed by early motherhood. AKchronicled her “nine long months spent in drag” in her fabulous graphic memoir Pregnant Butch. In this episode, A.K. talks about the true story that inspired the book. Below are some of my favorite pages from Pregnant Butch. But really, you should read all of them. Seriously. This is my favorite pregnancy and childbirth book ever.

Excerpt from “The Longest Shortest Time” Podcast


CC Sheffield - Podcast Wednesday - Pregnant Butch - Body 2