Model Actress Whatever

Take a ride into deep conversations with “Model, Actress, Whatever”. I’m deeply in love with the medium of the podcast and in the Summer of 2011 through to early 2013, I recorded my friends and acquaintances. Long form allows one to engage and find the deeper story, so sit back, relax and listen.

Episode 1 – Porcelain Black

The premiere episode of Model Actress Whatever Podcast with Porcelain Black, Lil Wayne, Strip Clubs, Writing Songs, and Girl Brawl.

Episode 2 – Bradley Soileau

Jump into the world of jail tattoos, near death experiences, and high fashion.

Episode 3 – Retna X

Retna, the breakout LA street artist who’s among the lucky few chosen by Jeffrey Deitch for MOCA’s Art in the Streets show. Retna, aka Marquis Lewis, has a heart warming smile to offset his devilish glances, and happily told us how he grew from a “graffiti artist” and landed in one of the most important street art shows to date.

Episode 4 – Anna Kim Volette Petty

Annakim Violette’s dad is one of the world’s biggest rock stars, but she strikes plenty of original chords of her own. Tom Petty’s youngest daughter is an artist, style icon, budding musician and 21st-century muse, and even without knowing her lineage, it’s impossible not to notice her free-spirited, vampire-meets-fairy aesthetic, which gets this 28-year-old plenty of attention.

Episode 5 – Taylor Locke

Being the natural musician and co founder of the band Rooney, Taylor is a busy man. Lead guitarist in Rooney, who’s preparing for the release of their 3rd album – Eureka – and lead singer in Taylor Locke & the Roughs + various other side projects. We can’t wait to see what the future brings for Taylor.

Episode 6 – Yasmine Kittles

Yasmine Kittles, tv on the radio, tearist, bi-sexual, LA Weekly, the smell, Tim and Eric, In lust, lung collapse, american apparel, Vice Magazine, Jill Greenberg, Austin, Chairlift, Das Racist, when your parents think your famous, fake french, the smell, Eath Wish, Baker premiere, Skrillex, Eric Ellington, down to earth, obsessed with small houses, want to live on a boat still, my tiny room.

Episode 7 – Eden Bernardy

Eden Bernardy is a 2nd generation acting coach and screenwriter. Dive head first into this amazing conversation and get inspired. YOU are the key and the truth. Eden’s take on the artist responsibility.

Episode 8 – Zeno Mountain Farm

Zeno Mountain Farm is a group of able bodied people that come together with disabled people to make art, theatre, and films.

Episode 9 – Aaliyah Remembered By Eric Ferrell

Model Actress Whatever, R&B Legend Aaliyah remembered by Eric Ferrell makeup/hair to the 90s Pop Divas EP 9. While working as an actress on a national network commercial of the director David Meyers. In the make up trailer I discovered a gem of a man, with gentle demeanors and incredible stories. This is the first interview that I had to pulled out my phone and record in the moment.

Episode 10 – Gregory Siff

This week a first for the podcast, I review the book “The Wizard of OZ and other Narcissists Coping with one way relationships” By Elenor Payson. Gregory Siff the bicoastal artist starts with his thoughts on the excerpt and his though on art and his art.

Episode 11 – Drop The Lime

Drop limes sex, tour eating AC Slaters skittles in downtown LA influences and speaking sexy Italian.. the ladies man Luca Drop the Lime, (born Luca Venezia in New York City) is an electronic producer and DJ and founder of dance label & Trouble & Bass. Drop the Lime’s new material and DJ sets also feature live vocals.