Take Meowt Premiere Episode: Jogging and Juicing

Mark Hunter, The Cobra Snake – Take Meowt – @Pressed Juicery from C.C. Sheffield on Myspace.

Take Meowt has teamed up with Myspace who will be presenting an episodes every Tuesday on their home page. This episode I’m wearing an Amuse Society sweatshirt that feels like a mix between; the eighties flash dance and the fringe of a western jacket. Keeping all the cars drivers aware I’m on the road, the fluorescent beanie is from luxury hat company Eugenie and Kim.

The next time you’re hiking Runyon Canyon, you might just see a face that’s a blast from the past — that is if you ever partied with DJ Steve Aoki and the late DJ AMat hipster havens like Cinespace and LAX, around in the mid-aughts. That eerily familiar mustachioed face belongs to Mark “the Cobrasnake” Hunter, the ubiquitous neon-clad hipster photographer who so famously captured wild club kids in all their ironically dressed, drunken glory.

But that sloppy time is over, and Hunter has reinvented himself as a bit of a “hipster Richard Simmons,” as New York Magazine noted in a just-published profile. Now he’s much more likely to be motivating a dozen Angelenos (think: American Apparel models, up-and-coming artists and One Model Management founder Scott Lipps) on an upbeat hike than getting trailed by partygoers desperate to have their picture taken.