I’ve had the pleasure and privilege to travel the world. In it’s nooks and crannies. I love places that aren’t the usual for a girl from Tucson, Arizona. I dreamed of understanding different cultures in a local why. So let me show you my favorite places, in every part of the world!

“It is better to travel well, than to arrive.” – Buddha

Citizine Profile

I have the privilege to be a Contributor to Citizine, it is a travel platform. What does that even mean? Platform… will it’s a way to save all the recommendations in every place I’ve been. They also feature my writing and my series Take Meowt.

So say if your going to LA, scroll on Los Angeles click the magnifying glass choosing hotels, activities, restaurants, and bars. Yes you can have the experience of someone who lived in LA for many many years. Thank me later and please check out my latest Take Meowt videos.

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