Podcast Wednesday: WTF Louis CK Ep

Marc Maron

A failed comic gets in his garage and talks into a microphone. This man, talked into my head and 100,000 other peoples heads, for three years. In fact he is the reason I started podcasting 2 years ago on Model Actress Whatever. Podcasting is a long format its an exploration of peoples minds and not just a superficial news clip. Its real conversations.

Here is an awesome episode where two of my favorite comics come together. Louis CK in this episode talks about the birth of his daughter and the change it brought to his selfish life. The way he talks about the beauty of birth makes me want babies now. Which is really funny that a balding comic can arouse this maternal feeling from me. Enjoy



Originally published as a two-part episode in October 2010, this conversation between Marc and Louis C.K. was chosen by Slate as the #1 podcast episode of all time. It is presented here for the first time as a single, uninterrupted episode.